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Friday, January 25, 2013

Discussion Question #1 (Week 2)

Many teachers read educator blogs to keep abreast of latest developments. (For background on blogs, see this article: www.teachervision.fen.com/educational-technology/blog/33550.html.)
To get a sense of how teachers are using blogs, look over the education blogs listed on the Link List: Sample Teacher Blogs (in the right sidebar--below the list of group blogs). (Alternately, you can search for an Education Blog of your choice). Comment on this message, telling why you were interested in the blog you have selected. Provide the URL for  the blog so that others can view it easily.  Initial comments due by Saturday. Respond to at least ONE other class members' comments by Tuesday.

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Discussion Question #2 (Week 2)

Please respond to one or more of the following question after reading Chapters 1-3 in the Richardson Text: What are the most important points that Richardson makes in these chapters? What ideas do you disagree with? Agree with? What classroom uses of Blogs seem most effective? Least effective? After posting a thoughtful response, reply to at least one of your classmates' comments.

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